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● Troubleshoot issues with worker nodes, maintenance and scale-out tasks.

Clusters Management

● Performing Maintenance activities on cluster line performing patching, configuration changes, installing operators etc.

Managing Users

● LDAP sync configuration, adding and removing users and assigning roles to groups/users.

Managing Projects

● Create, Modify & delete of projects. Assign project specific roles to users/groups.

Managing Pods

● Assist application team on resolving issues with pods like crash loopback, image pull back and other errors. Assist in implementing best practices to configure readiness and liveness probes.

Managing Networking

● Create, Modify and delete network policy rules based on customer requirement.

Configuring Service Accounts

● Service accounts management, role creation and assigning roles.

Managing RBAC

● Assign, modify and remove roles (cluster and project) to users and groups.

Registry management

● Monitor registry storage and perform regular cleanup. Assist application team in pushing required images to OpenShift cluster.

Managing Security Context Constraints

● Create, Modify SCC based on custom requirement and assign to specific projects.

Setting up Quotas & Limit Ranges

● Configure, modify project quotas and limit ranges. Assist application team on issues with quotas and limits.

SSL Certificate management

● Perform certificate management when the existing certificates are expired and when needed.

Analyzing Cluster Capacity

● Check cluster utilization and share reports to business when needed. Forecast capacity growth requirement and handle capacity increase.

Environment Health Checks

● Perform Daily health check of cluster and fix issues based on observations. Implement and customize Grafana dashboards if required to effectively monitor the cluster.

Environment Back-up

● Backup of critical configuration and DB when needed or before any maintenance activities.

Platform Life-cycle Management & Upgrades

● Planning and platform patching and upgrade with Zero downtime.

Master and Node Configurations

● Customize master and node configurations post deployment of OpenShift to meet requirements.

User and Role Management

● Implement AD/LDAP sync for each environment and also implement automated sync of the groups.

Certificate Management

● Post OpenShift deployment, configure OpenShift platform to use custom SSL certificates provided by customer for console and application URL.

Incident Management Tasks

● Incident identification

● Incident logging

● Incident categorization

● Incident prioritization

● Incident response

● Initial diagnosis

● Incident escalation

● Investigation and diagnosis

● Resolution and recovery

● Incident closure

Problem Management Tasks

● Problem Identification

● Problem Categorization and Prioritization

● Problem Diagnosis and Resolution

● Problem and Error Control

● Problem Closure and Evaluation

● Major Problem Review

● Problem Management Reporting

Service Request Management Tasks

● Request Fulfillment Support

● Request Logging and Categorization

● Request Model Execution

● Request Monitoring and Escalation

● Request Closure and Evaluation

  • Change Management Tasks

● Standard Changes: Pre-authorized, low-risk Changes that follow a well-known procedure.

● Emergency Changes: Changes that must be implemented immediately, for example to resolve a Major Incident.

● Normal Changes: All other Changes that are not Standard Changes or Emergency Changes.

● Assessment of Change Proposals

● RFC Logging Review

– Assessment and Implementation of Emergency Changes

– Change Deployment

– Post Implementation Review and Change Closure

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