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A social distancing approach for sharing content from the planned Prodevans Enterprise Summit event for 2020.

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Whether you are just now beginning to roll out your first production implementation on Enterprise or are an early adopter looking to learn from the experience of your peers, you are sure to get valuable insights from this educational event.

The automated enterprise with Ansible:

Transform your business with an automation platform that unifies your people and processes

  • Modernize for a digital world
  • Move business forward with IT automation
  • Transform your organization through enterprise-wide automation adoption
  • Success = people + processes + platform
  • Create a strategy for adopting automation across your organization

The pace and scale of modern business innovation are increasing. Many industries are experiencing widespread disruption. Digitally connected customers demand more at a faster pace. New competition comes from outside of traditional market segments. These trends place competitive pressures on businesses

Agenda includes

Who should attend?

Infrastructure automation

Network automation

Security automation

DevOps automation

Hybrid and multicloud automation

Ready to start your automation journey?

Linux system administrators, developers

DevOps engineers

Release engineers

Other IT professionals with basic expertise using Ansible

Windows Server administrators

Network automation engineers

30 June
30 June

    15th July 2020  - The automated enterprise with Ansible.


Automation Consultant and Architect at Prodevans LLC,
RHCI | OpenShift | OpenStack | Kubernetes | Ansible | Docker | PGDM

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Mr.Chanchal Bose

Technical Consultant, RHCA Level-6 | RHCI | OpenShift | OpenStack | Kubernetes | Ansible

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Mr.Harpreet Singh

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